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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in working and / or learning at Archipel. Our people have their hearts in the right place. They are sensitive to the wants and needs of our residents and their relatives. After all, elderly care is all about a genuine care for people. They make sure that clients are able to retain control over their own lives as much as possible. Good communication, mutual respect and understanding play an essential and intrinsic role in this.

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Our film tells you what Archipel has to offer in the areas of care, wellbeing and living. Plus, what it's like to work for us. In collaboration with the local TV-broadcaster 'Studio 040', we are producing the 'Working with people'-series. Watch the clips (in Dutch) to get a feel for the different people who work here and their working life at Archipel.

At Archipel, we work with self-led (care) teams, also known as 'empowered staff '. This means that you and your colleagues carry much of the responsibility, taking care of everything to do with the client, as a team and together with the client. Operating as a self-led team affords you the best chance of ensuring that the client remains in charge of their own life. Read more on how we do this in our mission statement.