Client empowerment

You are used to leading your own life and making your own decisions. This cannot and should not change because you need our care and services, or if you go to live at one of our centres. We want to empower you to remain in charge of your own life and the service provision you require in order to do so. It may sound obvious. However, there is a great deal involved in order to bring this about in practice. Care workers have professional opinions on what is needed, and sometimes forget that the support is ultimately dictated by your wishes and possibilities.

We want to safeguard your autonomy by:

  • ensuring that you remain able to make use of your own possibilities and those of your relatives (Your Power)
  • offering as much variety as possible for you to choose from (Freedom of Choice)
  • remaining in active discussion with you regarding what you really want, need and are able to do (Dialogue)
  • always searching together with you for suitable solutions to questions and problems (Solutions-oriented)
  • continuing to make concrete agreements, which we honour both ways

We do our best to let our clients dictate where our efforts are invested. If there's anything you'd like to see done differently, let us know: you are and will always be in charge.