Archipel's mission

With the help of its entire staff, Archipel established its strengths. Together, we set about identifying our distinguishing features. These unique qualities were then used to determine how we view the future for Archipel in a changing market place. The quality of community care we deliver underpins our offering. Intramural care is the main cornerstone of what we do; extramural care is the largest pillar of growth. Going forward, we will be scaling-back on bureaucracy, rules and management. As clients are empowered to take ownership over their own lives, staff will also take and share the responsibility for their performance.

Our path is set out in the 'Full Steam Ahead’ (met volle kracht vooruit) policy plan. Our mission consists of three statements:
·         Simply good, inside and out
·         Especially special
·         Personal empowerment

Simply good, inside and out

We provide high quality care and services both within (intramural) and outside of (extramural) our centres. We also offer (home-from-home) housing as part of our service. 'Simply good' also applies to wellbeing. These primary products are our raison d'etre; they need to be of a high standard. This forms the foundation on which we can build.

Especially special

Specialist care and housing for particular target groups fall under this header. Special not only for the clients, but also for staff and volunteers. It means having an eye for spotting talent and development, as well as recognising limitations.

Personal empowerment

This relates primarily to our vision. Any advancements we make should be measured against that vision. It should go without saying that the client or representative is the person who decides. This will result in a purposeful and meaningful life and sense of wellbeing. Staff members are equally expected to take personal ownership and responsibility. The organisational style should also increasingly meet this criterion, with regard to sustainable and relevant innovation.


·         Giving and sharing responsibility
·         Professionalism and reliability
·         Independent and entrepreneurial

Giving and sharing responsibility

Being empowered also involves taking responsibility. Sometimes, the responsibility will need to be shared if clients are not or no longer capable of owning it fully themselves. Management becomes about making people responsible for their own actions through constant dialogue between managers, staff and clients, so that everyone is operating at their full potential.

Professionalism and reliability

Professionalism is about expertise, with an approach that empowers the client. This is what underpins our quality. Reliability is the guiding principle in this: delivering on the agreements you have made. Professionalism ensures that the processes have a positive impact on the quality delivered within a functional and professional setting. The objective is maximum effectiveness at as low a cost as possible, while adhering to professional norms and standards.

Independent and entrepreneurial

Personal empowerment requires the freedom to make your own decisions and plenty of freedom to act. Organisational rules should not be a hindrance. Indeed, freedom should challenge us to explore unknown paths in search of solutions; new developments and products that will add value for our clients.