Archipel - feeling together

You lead your own life, according to your own personal choices and preferences. You still want to be able to make your own decisions, even when you need care. You want to keep living as healthy and vigorous as possible. Doing it your way. Always respectful and attentive, we can offer you support to fit your individual lifestyle, whether that's in the form of care, wellbeing or living.

Archipel has a wide range of care, wellbeing and living services. Whatever your needs - whether you're looking for a pleasant living environment, more social interaction or care - together, we will come up with a solution. We work together with general practitioners (GPs) and other organisations in Eindhoven and surrounding areas. This enables us to offer the care and service that's right for you. Over the years, Archipel has become a well-known care and nursing provider in the Eindhoven area. We not only provide services at our centres, but also at clients' own homes. As such, we can offer anyone in need of some or other degree of care, the ideal package.

Archipel film

Our film will give you a taste of what Archipel has to offer in terms of care, wellbeing and living. For more facts and figures, watch our information film: